About us

It all began as a small artisan business founded in March 1988. Since then, Stefra constantly offered its clients ideas and brilliance, craftsmanship and refinement, experience and dedication. Over time, we have changed and expanded – just like wood, the primary material we love to work with. Today, Stefra is a strong company and an industry-leading brand, but above all, it is a team of people who excel in delivering the finest “Made in Italy” production.

Our mission

We craft unique furnishing solutions with a modern and refined taste, bringing life to businesses, hotels, and stores.
We produce furniture and display systems for every need, creating ad-hoc designs to make each space unique and welcoming. An improved aesthetic makes an environment more appealing, increasing business opportunities.

Guaranteed quality

Safety, long-term reliability, absence of harmful substances, light resistance, and color stability: STEFRA guarantees the absolute quality of its products.
Every production stage, from the initial design to installation, is constantly supervised. Our technicians work with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring the finest finishes and production performances.

Stefra and Selef

SELEF, a long-standing leading brand in the optical furnishing industry, has been part of STEFRA for over 15 years.