Boutique, shop and retail

The world of fashion, more than any other, demands special attention in the design of retail spaces. Whether it’s large or small stores or refined boutiques, we can create customized projects for the fashion industry that combine functionality with aesthetics, material selection, and the latest visual trends.

Furniture, design, and contracting for clothing stores

Furnishing a clothing store is a matter of taste, space, and atmosphere. It involves research, study, design, measurements, and consideration of the visitors, staff, collections, and displayed items.

With two decades of experience in the industry, STEFRA designs furnishing solutions for unique and distinctive stores, capable of taking all these factors into account.

We can creatively, expertly, and professionally create interior and exterior environments for clothing stores of any size, from small ateliers to large stores, including boutiques, private shops, chains, and franchises.

Our research on materials, spatial studies, and architectural expertise enables us to create customizable furniture designs for spaces of any size.

Turnkey clothing stores

The “turnkey” formula is a huge advantage for the customer, who doesn’t have to worry about project management and can rely on qualified professionals for every stage of design and installation. Preliminary sharing of goals, tastes, and style preferences is the first step in furnishing a clothing store from scratch. Our experts analyze trends, materials, and logistical issues to create furnishing concepts that optimize spaces, provide the best lighting in every corner, and enhance displays, products, and work and exhibition areas.