Perfumeries, pharmacies and beauty care

Welcoming, refined, fascinating spaces: furnishing business spaces in the perfume, pharmacy, and beauty care sectors means first and foremost designing solutions that welcome customers while enhancing the elegance of shapes, colors, brands, and displayed products.
We know how to do it by offering functional, flexible, or modular furnishing components that can be customized ad-hoc.

Furnishing concepts for perfumeries and pharmacies

Each store requires a specific type of furnishing, lighting, and empathy.

Perfumeries and pharmacies, in particular, demand a truly unique format, completely different from any other business: attention to detail, precise lighting, elegant furniture, and above all, a trendy layout.

The attention to visual merchandising and product placement makes STEFRA an example of Italian excellence in the production of furnishings for commercial space. Whether it’s renovating a perfume shop, creating a new store or retail outlet, or even just supplying furniture accessories, we can develop concept designs that meet the real needs of customers, market trends, and the characteristics of the venue.

Customized furnishing solutions for each perfumery and pharmacy

Whether it’s a small perfume shop, a pharmacy, or a large space with ample artificial lighting, STEFRA creates impeccable environments, making the most of available spaces, budgets, and deadlines.

The knowledge of furnishing materials, the reach for distinctive elements, the design, and the creative choice of furniture ensures the development of the best working environment. A place where one can get lost and find oneself again, thanks to the products’ elegance first, and the precision of the technical design upon which the entire project is realized.