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Stefra offers its experience and professionalism acquired over years of work in the sector of retail shopfitting also to private individuals that want to build the house of their dreams.

Taking care of the interior design of the home means taking care of your everyday life. Home is where you rest and relax, where you live day by day with all your passions and obsessions. It’s where everyone can add their personal touch to every object and every furniture accessory.

The Stefra experts listen to the needs and indications of every customer and always create different solutions, with different styles, materials and components of furniture. But they also process and implement designs produced by third parties, such as architects and internal designers for private homes.


Furnishing the interior of a private home entails paying great attention, above all with regard to the management of spaces, one of the most debated issues in the everyday life of all families. The perimeters are always different as are the layouts of walls and furniture, so every design represents a new challenge where the space plays a role as important as the aesthetic factor. In some cases, only a specific area of the home is to be furnished in which case the new furniture design must blend in well with what is already present.

This is what the Stefra experts do every day for private individuals: they find a balance between taste, style and space. They do it using quality materials, respecting deadlines, installing every component with care and elegance and personalizing every design according to the customers’ taste.
The end result demonstrates that tailor-made furniture is not a luxury, but an intelligent and advantageous choice that improves persons’ spaces and their everyday life.