Restaurants and food spaces

Food tells a lot about a person and the spaces that showcase it should do the same. We create furnishing projects for restaurants, ice cream shops, patisseries, bistros, and food spaces that best express the identity and values of the business We combine careful design with functionality, offering solutions that are both aesthetically refined and tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

Restaurant furniture since 1988

STEFRA specializes in the design, creation, and setting of furnishings for all types of bars and restaurants, including bistros, cafeterias, and self-service venues.
Our national and international experience has made us one of the prime partners for restaurants seeking a professional team capable of renovating every space in their establishment with style.

Innovative furniture solutions for bars

Furnishing a bar is always an exciting experience. Interior design, space management, and material selection must take into account the flow of people who enter, exit, and spend time there daily.

The emotional impact of a venue is often the primary factor that determines why we choose one bar over another.

From the selection of colors, lighting, and furnishing to space management, STEFRA can design your venue down to the finest details, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Custom furniture for restaurants

Setting up a restaurant’s space isn’t just about designing and making trendy furniture; it’s about giving the place a soul. Every restaurant has a unique identity that sets it apart from the competition, which is why we focus exclusively on creating unique and original designs.

Thanks to our team of in-house designers and architects and our collaboration with the most well-known architecture firms, STEFRA can offer you customized furnishing solutions tailored to your venue. These solutions create environments and atmospheres that align with the type of cuisine offered, the architectural context, and most importantly, the expectations of your clients.