The presence of an in-house technical department allows us to work directly with our clients, who can rely on us right from the design stage. Our managers are able to liaise with architects, design engineers and interior design contractors to define customised furniture solutions. Moreover, they ensure full collaboration during every stage of the preparation of the executive documents, intended for production.

The specific knowledge of the various materials and how they are processed, as well as direct contact with suppliers, allow us to guarantee a professional and timely service.



One of our strong suits is our in-house carpentry department at our premises. The quality of the work carried out by our workers, assisted by modern production systems with numerical control, guarantee the excellent workmanship of the pieces.

Thanks to the knowledge of materials, attention to detail and the techniques acquired over the years, we are able to process material with a decorative facing, laminated, multilayered, agglomerates in paste or solid wood in a wide variety of shapes and finishes. Plus, the direct collaboration with other craftsmen, including blacksmiths, glassworkers, a graphic printing agency and upholsterers allow us to integrate and customise our furniture with other materials.



The assembly and installation of furniture are delicate and fundamental steps that require the intervention of specialised professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

Our in-house assembly teams have qualified professionals who know every single detail of the products to be assembled. They perform preventive inspections at the installation site and work on each stage of the furniture production process, first with the design engineers during the design stage, then with the carpentry department during the production stage. This way we guarantee optimal and fast assembly systems on time.



STEFRA offers its customers a professional after-sales service. Indeed, we believe that the efficiency of our service is not just the result of the quality of the furnishings made, but also of our readiness to help with any inconvenience.

For support and maintenance we guarantee the same fast and professional approach we apply when we make your furniture and we will always be able to direct you towards the best solution.