About Us: Stefra

Design, Creation and Installation of Customised Furniture

Our history

STEFRA is a small carpentry firm set up in 1988.

We design spaces, concept stores and furnishing accessories for commercial premises such as hotels, bars and restaurants, health and beauty retailers, pharmacies, opticians and clothing stores.

Over the years, we built on the experience we acquired and the trust of our Clients grew with it, along with the quality of our projects and the ability to complete them quickly.

Why Stefra

Our work features masterly craftsmanship, the quality of raw materials and decades of experience.
Our Italian-made design led us to conquer not only the Italian market, but also international ones, with important references perfumery, optics, clothing and catering.
We guide Clients through all the stages of the process, from creation to design, from prototyping to after-sales.

Our mission

We create original furnishing solutions with a modern and refined touch to set up to businesses, hotels and shops.
We manufacture furniture and display systems for any kind of need and create custom projects to make each place unique and welcoming, because a better look makes any environment more appealing and increases business opportunities.

Guaranteed quality

Safety, reliability over time, the absence of harmful substances, resistance to light and stable colours. STEFRA guarantees the absolute quality of its products.
All phases of the project, from initial design to installation, are constantly monitored. Our technicians work on cutting-edge machinery, guaranteeing the best finishes and manufacturing performance.

Stefra and Selef

SELEF, a long-standing brand in the sector of furniture for opticians, joined STEFRA more than 15 years ago.